Studio KIKIRIKI Co.Ltd.

Main Activities
Exhibitions and events: curation, planning, production and contingent business

Founded by
Shuichi Fukazawa, since November 2014

Major works (selected)
<Co-Planning, curation and production> JR East “TOKYO MOVING ROUND” Special Exhibition “ASATTE NO EKI: Stations and lifestyles of the future”, with JR East, 2018
<Co-author> Planning Paper ” Project against forgetting the accident of Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant”, for Japan Nuclear Safety Institute [JANSI] with Science Communication Reserch Institute [SCRI], 2017
<Consulting and research> ”From broadcasting to total digital service: design method and example abroad”, for Japan Broadcasting Corporation [NHK], 2016
<Co-planning, curation and production> Special Exhibition marking the 140 anniversary of the foundation “100 monumental affairs in capital, selected by all policeperson of Metropolitan Police Department”, for Police Museum (Metropolitan Police Department), 2014
<Planning and production> “Are aliens also on the earth, Mr. Naganuma?”, NTT Publishing Co.,Ltd., 2009
<Co-curation and production> Renewal opening symposium “Culture and Creation in a Networked Society”, for NTT Intercommunication Center [ICC], 2006
<Production assistant> Series exhibition “Visions for Education”, for Benesse Corporation, 2005
<Production assistant> traveling exhibition “Future Cinema” (curated and produced by Center for Art and Media [ZKM]) for NTT Intercommunication Center [ICC], 2006
<Proposal participation> Competition of integrated art on headquarter office building of VEAG Berlin, 2001
<Proposal participation> Competition of integrated art on headquarter office building of BMBF, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany, 2000

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Studio KIKIRIKI 株式会社




<共同企画・制作>JR東日本 東京感動線 特別展「『あさって』の駅――わたしたちの暮らしと駅のこれから」(JR東日本)2018
<企画・制作>巡回企画展『きみたちの魔法―化学「新」発見』展(日本化学会 / 日本科学未来館 / 日本化学工業協会)2012
<共同企画・制作>シンポジウム・シリーズ『ネットワーク社会の文化と創造』(NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC])2006
<プロデュース補佐>巡回企画展『フューチャー・シネマ』(NTT インターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC])2003
<作品提案>建て付け芸術 招待コンペティション(ベルリン電力(VEAG))2001
<作品提案>建て付け芸術 招待コンペティション(ドイツ連邦教育研究省)2000

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